Research Areas and Interests


I)   Energy conversion, Fuels, and Propulsion:


  • Development of validated surrogate fuel models for petroleum based and renewable fuels
  • Multi-timescale modeling and kinetic mechanism reduction
  • Plasma assisted combustion enhancement for high speed propulsion
  • UV-IR combustion diagnostics
  • Ultra-lean and high pressure high hydrogen fuel combustion
  • Homogeneous charge compression ignition and combustion dynamics
  • Microscale combustion

II)   Functional nanomaterials for security, energy, and bioimaging   

  • Combustion,  Colloidal, and Hydrothermal synthesis of  down/upconversion nanophosphors
  • Simultaneous temperature and velocity measurements using nanophosphors and quantum dots
  • Bioimaging and organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells using nanophosphors and quantum dots

Current Research Funds


  • National Science Foundation: Nanomaterials synthesis for imaging
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Non-equilibrium plasma assisted combustion for propulsion
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Surrogate fuel model development for jet fuels
  • DOE: Predictive tools for next generation of transportation fuels
  • American Chemistry Society (ACS): High Pressure combustion
  • NASA: Fire safety and Radiation flame interaction at high pressures
  • MRSEC seed project. Colloidal upconversion nanophosphors

Lab Information


Postal address: D115, E-Quad, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, 08544