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2018.8 Yiguang Ju elected to the Board of Directors of the Combustion Insitute (2018-2024) Image result for yiguang ju
2018.8 Christopher Reuter received Bernard Lewis Fellowship from the Combustion Insitute Image result for chris reuter princeton
2018.7 Omar Yehia  received MAE Britt and Eli Harari Fellowship Image result for omar yehia princeton
2018.7 Hongtao Zhong received MAE Sayre Award with $1000 Prize Image result for hongtao zhong princeton university
2018.2 Yiguang Ju elected to the Fellow of the Combustion Institute Image result for yiguang juP
2018.2 Yiguang Ju received Honorary Professorship from Xian Jiaotong University Image result for yiguang ju
2017.7 Joseph Lefkowitz is offered an assistant professorship at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Joseph K. Lefkowitz
2017.7 Omar Yehia is awarded the 2nd-year graduate student Guggenheim fellowship Image result for omar yehia princeton
2017.6 Yiguang Ju is awarded the Distinguished Visiting Fellowship from Royal Academy of Engineering of United Kingdom Image result for yiguang ju
2017.5 Aric Rousso received the DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Fellowship Image result for aric rousso princeton
2017.4 Jeff Santner received an offer as an assistant professor from California State University
2016.6 Dr. Timothy Ombrello received the 2016 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Congratulations!


2016.5 Yiguang Ju delivered a plenary lecture at the 52nd Korean Combustion Meeting held at Buyeo, Korea on May 11-13, 2016


2016.3 Aric Rousso won the NDSEG fellowship

NDSEG - National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

2015.12 The best paper award at the 2015 Japanese combustion symposium (Nov.17, 2015) by the Japanese Section of the Combustion Institute.

¡°Quantitative measurements of HO 2/H 2 O 2 and intermediate species in low and intermediate temperature oxidation of dimethyl ether." Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35, no. 1 (2015), pp. 457-464, by Kurimoto, Naoki, Brian Brumfield, Xueliang Yang, Tomoya Wada, Pascal Di¨¦vart, Gerard Wysocki, and Yiguang Ju,

2015.6  Dr. Jay Uddi accepted a faculty position at University of Alabama uddi
2015.5 Chris Reuter received the Department of Defense NDSEG fellowship Christopher Reuter
2015.1 The Distinguished Paper Award in the Laminar Flames Colloquium of the 35th International Symposium on Combustion (2015).was awarded to ¡°Self-sustaining n-heptane cool diffusion flames activated by ozone¡± by 

Won, S. H., Jiang, B., Di¨¦vart, P., Sohn, C. H., & Ju, Y. 


A new book by Ju, Cadou, and Maruta

Microscale Combustion and Power Generation

ISBN: 9781606503065


Microscale Combustion and Power Generation
March 20th, 2014 Jeffrey Santner is awarded the best presentation award for ¡°Evaluation of thermal radiation effects on apparent propagation rates of high pressure spherical flames¡± presented at the 2013 Eastern Section of Combustion Meeting
Sept 18th, 2013 Congratulation to Michael Burke to be an Assistant Professor at Columbia University in their Mechanical Engineering Department.    Prof. Burke!
June 12th, 2013 Yiguang Ju was named as the Robert Porter Patterson Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University. ¡¡
May 29th, 2013 Congratulations to Weiqi Sun for passing the Subject Component of his General Exam. ¡¡
May, 2013 The Institute of Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences presented Prof. Yiguang Ju the honor of the Hsue-Shen Tsien Professorship of Engineering Sciences. Prof. Hsue-Shen Tsien was the Robert Goddard Professor of CalTech and is the father of rockets and spaceflight of China.


May 21st, 2013 Congratulations to Bret, Bo, Sang Hee and Prof. Ju for the First Place Award for the Art Merit of the Combustion Art Competition at the 8th US National Combustion Meeting


April, 2013 Congratulations to Wenting Sun to be offered as an assistant professor at Georgia Tech. ¡¡
April, 2013 Congratulations to Bret Windom to receive an offer of faculty position at University of Colorado, Colorado Spring. ¡¡
Jun. 11th, 2012 Wenting was awarded the Bernard Lewis Fellowship from the Combustion Institute

(The Bernard Lewis Fellowship was established to encourage high quality research in combustion
by young scientists and engineers. These Fellowships are to be awarded at each International
Symposium on Combustion to no more than five recipients.)

Nov. 1, 2011

Prof. Ju won The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award.

The award is given to internationally renowned scientists and scholars from abroad who completed their doctorates less than 18 years ago. The Humboldt Foundation grants up to 25 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Awards annually. The award is valued at 45,000 EUR.

Oct. 14, 2011


Prof. Ju is elected as an ASME fellow



Sep. 1, 2011


Prof. Ju was awarded

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator¡¯s Certificate of Appreciation

in recognition of his outstanding contribution to NASA¡¯s space missions


Sep. 1, 2011


Wenting Sun was awarded

the Britt and Eli Harari Fellowship



Aug. 16, 2011

Soccer Championship

(Doctors vs. Graduate students)

Mar. 18, 2011

Our paper ¡°Effects of non-equilibrium plasma discharge on counterflow diffusion flames extinction¡±, was selected as the

Distinguished Paper

 in the New Technology colloquium of the 33rd International Symposium on Combustion.



Aug. 2nd, 2010:

Attending 33rd International Symposium on Combustion

Princeton Reunion at Beijing.

Mar. 18, 2010: Group members in annual MAE Mustache Contest.

August 9, 2009: Prof. Ju's group has a Reunion in Beijing. Click

June 15, 2009: Sang Hee and Tim are on TV! They appear on an NJN News Science & Technology Report featuring Princeton University and its research on energy and combustion. To view the video clip, follow this link:

May 13 2009, Wenting passed general exam and congratulations!

May 11 2009, Prof. Ju and his team won $7.5M MURI grant.

May 01 2009, Dr. Mruthunjaya Uddi joins the group.